1.   Bruce Springsteen in Philly Night One Setlist 9/2/12, from Blogness on the Edge of Town

2.   Bruce Springsteen 2012-09-02 Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA, from The Wrecking Ball Tour Blog

3.  The Songs of Bruce Springsteen, film titles, from letterboxd.com

4.   PHOTOS: Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band, Philadelphia 2 sept 2012 from Yahoo.com

5.   Bruce Springsteen flirts with the four-hour mark in Philadelphia, from nj.com

6.   Wayne Swan’s song: The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, or the Piano Man, Billy Joel?, from couriermail.com

7.   VIDEO: Bruce Springsteen – Drift Away, from Springsteen corner

8.   Bruce Springsteen plays epic show in Philly, from blogs.ajc.com

9.   Major Milestone for Springsteen in Philly, from www.msnbc.msn.com

10.  Dancer in the dark says she’s blessed Springsteen brought her on stage, from syracuse.com

11.   Springsteen shares U.S. ideals with world, from philly.com


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